The Antioch Initiative |

The Antioch Initiative is a non profit organization helping to plant healthy churches through the training and coaching of pastors and church planters in unreached and under resourced areas of the US and the world.
Antioch Initiative (Ai) is committed to 6 Values that are derived from the Antioch Church in Acts 13-14
1. It demonstrated their desire for Diversity, as the leaders, from different ethnic backgrounds display God's heart for the nations!
2. It demonstrated their reliance on the Holy Spirit, as they were led by the Spirit through their collective prayer and fasting
3. It demonstrated their Kingdom Mentality, as they sent their best (Paul and Barnabas) to plant churches in other lands
4. It demonstrated their belief in the Power of Prayer, as they spent time in prayer before they sent Paul and Barnabas.
5. It demonstrated their commitment to the Word of God as Paul and Barnabas went and preached the word.
6. It demonstrated their strategy of Church Planting as the means Paul used to expand the gospel outward to the nations.
Antioch Initiative is not a Funding Organization